Established at the University of East London in 2001, the SRI was one of the first dedicated sustainability research institutes in the UK. We have since built an excellent international reputation by applying our ground-breaking research and development in real-world contexts. Our work focuses on a range of emerging research fields and pressing urban and rural sustainability challenges and is centred on three key themes:

  • Green infrastructure – strategic conservation of natural, semi-natural and man-made ecosystems, spanning themes such as peatland ecology and conservation, the design and monitoring of urban green infrastructure and invertebrate conservation.
  • Resource Management – encompassing materials engineering, energy efficiency and the circular economy.
  • Sustainable Living – covering adaptive governance, community engagement and asset management.

The SRI is a prime example of UEL’s tradition of cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer. Working with partners across the UK and around the world, our work addresses critical issues related to creating more resilient urban and rural communities. Our strength as an institute is built on our expertise in applied and theoretical research, innovation development, development of state-of-the-art test sites and facilities, and cross-sectoral networks.

Following the success of the EU FP7 TURAS project blog, we decided that it would be good to carry on the legacy of presenting our research and knowledge exchange stories. This blog represents a showcase for the projects we are involved in at the University of East London Sustainability Research Institute, updates on project milestones, and also ideas that our researchers think are worth sharing……. we hope you enjoy them. For more details contact us through our website (www.uel.ac.uk/sri) or twitter (@UELSRI).