All blogs are written by SRI staff and our network of partners.

Contributors so far…..

Shaherah Jordan – Third year PhD candidate in the SRI. Her PhD focuses on attitudes to money and finance as a factor in electric vehicle adoption in London.

Dr Chloe Molineux – A Senior Research Fellow in the SRI working on innovative recycled materials for use in urban environments. Chloe’s PhD investigated the properties of substrates for use on green roofs, with a focus on enhancing green roof performance and resilience.

steph-1 Stephanie Skipp – A PhD student in the SRI studying saproxylic insects in collaboration with Natural England and Buglife’s Back from the Brink project. Stephanie’s research covers insect resource requirements and population dynamics as well as the potential for conservation through artificial habitats. She has recently completed a traineeship on UK wildlife identification and recording at the London Natural History Museum where she cultivated her interest in insects and developed a particular specialism in beetles.

Richard Lindsay portrait Shetland 2014 Richard LindsayHead of Environmental and Conservation Research in the SRI.  Before joining UEL, Richard spent 20 years as Senior Peatland Specialist in the Nature Conservancy Council and subsequently in Scottish Natural Heritage.  Richard has also been Chairman of the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG), the international network of peatland specialists who provide advice about peatland conservation issues.

CNbat Dr Caroline Nash – a Research Assistant in the SRI studying brownfield ecomimicry in urban green infrastructure design. Caroline’s work has also focused on protected species; primarily bats and birds and she holds a Natural England bat survey licence.

sri_lowres-4392.jpgDr Paula Vandergert – a Senior Research Fellow in the SRI working on adaptive governance to support sustainable and resilient urban communities.

sam-photo.jpgSam Jelliman – Research Assistant with a background in behaviour change and sustainable transportation. Sam is currently focused on the implementation of nature based solutions and adaptive governance.

FraserFraser Durham – with a degree in Economics & Mathematics and an MSc in Renewable Energy, Fraser is Commercial Director and co-founder of Argand Solutions ( an IoT technology business that is using predictive analytics & smart control to transform the energy sector.

JackJack Clough – A Research Assistant and PhD student in the SRI specialising in all things wetland: from peatland conservation through wetland agriculture to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

SC_picDr Stuart Connop – A Senior Research Fellow in the SRI specialising in urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. I have a specific focus on embedding biodiverse functioning ecosystems at the heart of multifunction design.